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​Welcome to the Institute of Martial Arts website. At our karate training school,  we teach the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do and are part of the Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation.

Our goal is to teach self-respect and respect for others through the study and practice of Tang Soo Do, a very historic and traditional Korean discipline of the martial arts. The ideas of respect and tradition are stressed in all of our activities and for all students at every level of achievement. Our training is traditional, encompassing the refinement of technique, hyung (forms) and dae ryun (sparring). We encourage the pursuit of excellence in our Art and applaud our students and instructors achievements both within our discipline and in their scholastic or personal achievements.

Darryl Santaus

#1576 Sa Dan ​

Institute of Martial Arts - Santaus LLC
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Oct 14: Yankee National Tournament, Holy Cross High School, Waterbury

Nov 18: Forms/Breaking Tournament, Holy Cross High School, Waterbury

Dec 1: Do Jang Grading, 9:30AM

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Regular Class Schedule Resuming 9/29/18


Institute of Martial Arts - Tang Soo Do
375 Morgan Lane • West Haven, CT 06516
Phone:  (203) 599-0531